NAGA X8 Quadcopter Used In The Field Of Fire Fighting

Drones are eyes in the sky for firefighters. They can serve as an essential firefighting tool for people in the fire services, especially in and around urban centers, where a deadly inferno might occur in a high rise building.

NAGA X8 Quadcopter is a drone with excellent endurance, a maximum load capacity of up to 8 kg, and a small size, very suitable for fire rescue field. Carrying fire bombs of less than 8 kg and implementing effective delivery can delay the flame spreading speed and gain valuable time for firefighters to carry out rescue.

Also, if NAGA X8 is equipped with a thermal camera, were used by firefighters to identify hotspots and search the unsafe-building after the fire was extinguished. The effectiveness of drones is rapidly catching on, as agencies around the world begin to adopt this technology.

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