Keel mini Quadcopter Is Coming Soon!

Recently, the first test flight of Keel mini, a multi-rotor UAV independently developed by ZHT, was a complete success. At an altitude of 100 meters and carrying a payload of 3KG, the hovering time is up to 40 minutes. The test fully demonstrated the excellent performance and reliability of the product, which was highly praised by visiting customers. The two sides have reached a preliminary agreement on the next step of cooperation, hoping to achieve win-win and common development in the upcoming projects.

The frame, arms and propellers of the Keel Mini are made of high-strength carbon fiber material, which ensures the strength of the whole drone while ensuring the light weight. The symmetrical wheelbase is about 815mm, and its modular design is easier to transport and carry. Take-off and landing demand is low, with a diameter of 2 meters of the site can be safely landed, its maximum load capacity is expected to reach 8kg, really achieved “small” and “strong”.

ZHT will continue to improve research and development products, improve the level of customized services, actively explore the infinite possibilities of UAV expansion and adaptation in various fields, and bring more efficient and safer UAV products to global partners.

Let’s look forward to the Keel Mini!

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