ZHT Aero showcased at the World Intelligence Expo and was interviewed by CCTV News

The 2024 World Intelligent Expo with the theme ‘Intelligence Drives the World, Powering the Future’ was held in Tianjin from June 20th to 23rd. The expo focused on showcasing the latest advancements in global intelligent technology, highlighting key topics such as artificial intelligence, intelligent connected vehicles, smart manufacturing, and low-altitude economy. ZHT Aero, a local pioneer in Tianjin’s new-generation unmanned aerial vehicle production, was invited to participate in this event. We presented our impressive KEEL and KEEL Max models, including the only quadcopteroctocopter heavy-duty delivery drone in the low-altitude economy zone.This garnered significant attention from visitors and major media outlets.

ZHT Aero representative interviewed by CCTV News.

Leaders of Tianjin Municipal Government visited the ZHT Aero Innovation booth.

ZHT Aero Innovation featured in the Tianjin Daily.

The KEEL Max, our latest industry-grade unmanned aerial vehicle, embodies the pinnacle of modular design from the KEEL series. Its entire body is crafted from carbon fiber materials equivalent to those used in supercars, integrating cutting-edge technology with outstanding performance. Lightweight yet robust, it features sleek lines and a distinctive appearance, enhancing the recognition and personalization of the KEEL Max. Stay tuned as KEEL Max unveils its mysteries in July.

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